The story

MediShout was founded by Ash Kalraiya, an orthopaedic surgeon, after a broken light bulb in theatre caused three cancelled operations. This small issue with a huge impact inspired him to find a solution to the multitude of clunky reporting systems he experienced daily as a surgeon. He quite literally had a ‘lightbulb moment’ - to develop one simple, easy to use platform that can connect users, helpdesks, and third party suppliers to report and resolve any operational problem within a hospital.

Today MediShout has over 11,000 users across the public and private sector, in the UK and Europe, and integrates with some of the world’s largest healthcare suppliers.

Our mission

Deliver healthcare’s first ‘one-stop’ app aggregating all hospital departments, helpdesks and suppliers in order to improve operational efficiency and patient care.

We protect the quality of care

We give hospital staff the tools they need so they can focus on delivery, value and care, instead of wasting time reporting problems, filling in forms, making phone calls, waiting for issues to be resolved, and the list goes on…

MediShout’s SSD module connects theatres to sterile services, automating prioritisation of workflow and ensuring that the right kit is delivered at the right time for trauma and elective operations.

We collaborate with helpdesks

We work with helpdesk teams to understand the difficulties they face with issues being reported with incomplete information and difficulties in communicating with the issuer reporter. Solutions such as mandatory questions, preloaded locations, status updates and chat enable easy communication.

MediShout's QR code solution allows staff, patients and visitors to report Estates, Facilities and Domestics issues. Each QR code is linked to a specific location, asking specific questions necessary for the helpdesk, allowing the issue to be report easily.

Seamless integration of data and comms

We integrate with third-party suppliers to create a seamless digital platform for two-way communication between customer and supplier, improving customer relationships, breaking down silos of information and increasing data accessibility and insights.

We reduced the time burden on hospital staff by 50% by replacing multiple paper forms with one bespoke digital form that allows hospital staff to report broken endoscopes to their supplier, arrange a replacement and monitor status updates.

An expert team of healthcare professionals and industry leaders

We strive to create an inclusive and diverse team at MediShout, but there will always be one thing that we have in common: the desire to improve operational efficiencies in healthcare. This shared ambition drives us to be impactful in the work that we deliver, being creative in problem solving, and taking pride in what we deliver.

Ash Kalraiya
Co-Founder & CEO

International Surgeon. Health Management BSc, Imperial College. NHS Innovation Fellow

Ali Bahsoun
Co-Founder & CPO

Doctor. Ex Head of Product at Touch Surgery. NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow

Rachel Kearney
Senior Project Manager

Healthcare Management MSc. Ex Business Consultant at BDO Global

Shailesh Lathia
Head of Customer Support

Held a number of key managerial roles in NHS hospitals and private healthcare groups

Dave Maude
Lead Product Manager

Product Innovation Expert from Reckitt, managed and launched medical device software for FTSE25

Chris Howie
Advisory Board Member

Previously at AstraZeneca, Becton Dickinson, Department of International Trade UK

Simon Murdoch
VC Investor (Episode1)

E1 Managing Partner. Founded Bookpages acquired by Amazon

Nadine Hachach-Haram
VC Investor (KHP Ventures)

Surgeon. Innovation Lead Guys & St Thomas. Founder Proximie

Keith Gibbs
Non-Executive Director

CEO AXA PPP Insurance 17 years. UK Health Insurance outstanding contribution award

Working with great people is what I enjoy most about MediShout! I love collaborating with clients and colleagues who want to improve healthcare through innovation, dedication and creativity thinking.
Ash Kalraiya
Team is core to the success of MediShout as we scale and deliver with excellence. Our team is growing with hard-working entrepreneurial experts who execute with passion at the highest levels.
Dave Maude
Lead Product Manager


Our company culture fosters five key behaviours:

“Trust, impact and empathy are the foundations of our culture which enable us to deliver excellence to our healthcare customers and partners. Working with colleagues who display these three values leads to true collaboration, an ability to understand the challenges that others face, and a mindset of wanting to positively impact healthcare through collective force.

Having insight and being adaptable leads to a culture of learning, being open when things don’t go to plan and ensuring we improve as individuals within a supportive team. We encourage our employees to be flexible and to continuously grow within the fast-paced working environment we operate in.”
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